All De Luca shoes are made to measure and are cut and sewn by hand with the finest craftsmanship. Each client can choose from calf leather, suede, cordovan, alligator, crocodile, and ostrich. The models range from the typical Italian style to the English.The line of De Luca sneakers are customizable from over 500 different combinations of colours in 10 different materials. Each shoe can be made unique with your own name or that of the company. The choice of sneakers becomes a moment of fun and gives free rein to the imagination of the client.

We help you to be special.
Create your made to measured shoes


Tailored suits

The tailored garment is a unique garment. De Luca Sartoria offers the best fabrics, made with natural fibres from the most important Italian and English wool mills.


Tailored shirts

The shirt is a garment that is worn every day and for this reason it is important to have a choice from the finest fabrics that define its quality.


Tailored ties

Every suit needs the right tie. The same suit can look quite different depending on the tie that it is matched with.


Tailored accessorize

To satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated clients, De Luca Sartoria offers a line of leather goods of the highest quality.


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