The tailored garment is a unique garment. De Luca Sartoria offers the best fabrics, made with natural fibres from the most important Italian and English wool mills: Dormeuil, Ermenegildo Zegna, Holland and Sherry, Loro Piana, Scabal, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Piacenza, and many others. Among these you can choose the most precious yarns from super 130 titles up to the super rare 230 of Diamond Chips and Dormeuil or Scabal Lapis Latzuli. Unique fabrics for masterpieces of craftsmanship.The task of the Style Consultants of De Luca Sartoria is to advise the client in the choice of fabric, to illustrate the model and cut that best suit his physique, to take the measurements favouring all the requests among the many possibilities for the customization of the suit. After a few weeks the garment will be ready for the fitting and delivery will always take place at the client’s home. Each De Luca garment is tried on together with the client and nothing is left to chance. Everything has to be perfect because the made to measure garment must perfectly fit the client’s body, but also fully comply with his expectations.

 Deluca sartoria abito su misura


The shirt is a garment that is worn every day and for this reason it is important to be able to choose from the finest fabrics that define its quality.De Luca Sartoria clients can choose between hundreds of fabrics from the most prestigious brands in the industry: Canclini, Tessitura Monti, Thomas Mason, Big & Rubinelli, Scabal, and Albeni. The thread count of our fabrics range from 70/1, 100/2, 120/2, 140/2, 200/2, including the fine Sea Island and going as far as Scabal’s 300/3, unique in the world. Our shirts can have the most particular details by hand and can be customized according to the taste of the clients. The De Luca Sartoria shirt feels so comfortable it feels like a second skin.

 Deluca sartoria su misura a domicilio


Every suit needs the right tie. The same suit can look quite different depending on the tie that it is matched with. Every season we offer our clients a new collection of fabrics made in Como with the finest Jaquard silks and the refined English prints, including the most fashionable ties in silk and cashmere, as well as silk knit.Since our ties are handmade, they can be fully customized in every aspect from the weight of the interlining to the width of the blade and above all the length of the tie so as to please all our clients that are not usually able to find ties that fit their measurements. Each tie is finished with the client’s initials that makes it unique.


To satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated clients, De Luca Sartoria offers a line of leather goods of the highest quality. Exquisite leathers made from crocodile, alligator, python, and ostrich are transformed into suitcases, folders, computer cases, document holders, belts, and wallets, which pay homage to the uniqueness of all De Luca Sartoria’s products. Each item is handcrafted and can be customized with the client’s initials.Whoever chooses our accessories will distinguish himself because he “wears” quality and personality.

The world of golf

For almost 15 years De Luca Sartoria has chosen the golf world as a place of promotion and contact with its clients. He, therefore, has proposed some articles designed for the golfer who wants to stand out.The golf shoes, with different types of shapes and soles, can be customized by the client and due to the craftsmanship of the product, are calibrated so they can be used on the competition courses, guaranteeing comfort to the wearer. Trousers, that for their imagination and weight are perfect to wear during a competition, are made with the best fabrics and are ideal for the sportier client.

Sartoria su misura a domicilio


All De Luca shoes are made to measure and are cut and sewn by hand with the finest craftsmanship. Each client can choose from calf leather, suede, cordovan, alligator, crocodile, and ostrich. The models range from the typical Italian style to the English.The line of De Luca sneakers are customizable from over 500 different combinations of colours in 10 different materials. Each shoe can be made unique with your own name or that of the company. The choice of sneakers becomes a moment of fun and gives free rein to the imagination of the client.


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